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In 1992, Brad and Shaun Wallace produced a seventeen minute student film entitled Lapsic Maranoia: The Fear of Things that Really are Happening. Shaun starred as Stanley Tyson, whose miserable luck becomes mysteriously personified as a ghostly evictor at his newly inherited mansion. The wild success of Lapsic (in family circles!) challenged the Wallace brothers to further humiliate Tyson in the epic and colossal disaster sequel, The Right Nut. The film was shot in 4 months by a crew of two to five hardworking non-professionals during the winter of 1996 in Gulf Shores, Alabama. Over a year was needed to complete editing and sound mixing (in stereo with over 50,000 sound effects). Ten years in the making,  The Right Nut  is still being held back from festivals and distributors until it can be re-transferred. Will it be worth the wait?! A resounding MAYBE!