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The Right Nut  is an all-out B-movie assault on the audience’s sensibilities (and maybe even on their exposed nerve endings). B-movies can be so much fun to watch because they have their own language and alternate reality. Due to their lack of funds or their lack of creativity (or both), they present something that the audience cannot believe. Despite their dead-pan seriousness, B-movies are so fake that they do not suspend our disbelief. We laugh at their bad taste and shoddy workmanship. The Right Nut  is a celebration of failed gimmickry (shot in 99mm Skepto-Vision no less) and glaring technical errors (that annoying boom mic dropping to strike the actor). Yes, every error in The Right Nut  was on purpose! I promise. The show stopping special effect scenes of the film are all quick low budget mis-fires. Mr. Tyson’s foot is obviously switched with the fake one before the surgeon drills away at the rubbery toes. The catapulting car accident dummies are stiff mannequin stunt doubles. B-films are famous for cutting corners and attempting to build suspense through such silly extremes. Taking my cue from Ed Wood, the giant octopus attack scene is made so horrific by swinging around a single terrifying tentacle. Mario Bava’s hilarious sudden camera zooms are there to intensify every pulse pounding moment of pure sweat inducing tension. The Die Hard  blow you to the back of the theatre” explosion, a staple of every B-finale, is never seen in The Right Nut.  Instead we hear it over the phone. (That saved me a couple of fat one’s right there!)